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overdue invoices, which I paid

Hello, I've paid the invoices twice, but the service on booking was suspended, because of my mistake, while paying, I didn't indicate the invoice number, I've sent the payment orders for several times, but I only receive the automatic answers, I asked them to review my payments, but they didn't. How can I react and what should I do at this time?

Haley Eder
2 years ago

Hi Tea,

If you have an urgent question about your property or your partnership with us, you can also call us. To find a dedicated phone number to call, log in to the Extranet, click Inbox, then messages. Under the "compose a new message" button you will find a support number. We don’t publish these phone numbers here because we only offer this service to current partners.



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Tea Janadze 2 years ago

Hello Hayley, thank you for your reply, but there is no such kind of number on my extranet page, I don't know what else I can do to contact the finance department to check that I've paid all the invoices. I'm sending the messages but always get the automatic answers. I can't find any numbers here, in this section which you've mentioned.

Tammie Saxon 1 year ago

All of Pirates Pointe Resorts invoice have been PAID... Why aren't they posted?

Tammie Saxon

Flor Artavia 8 months ago

Hello, I am having the same issue. I pay with my credit card the payment has been accepted and processed, at first was showing as paid but I check out today to do this month payment and It is showing overdue. I already write to booking team to give my information so they can check, Is this something that happen quite often with payments on booking?, how can I prevent this from happening again? If I get any news and/ or solution from booking team I will try to post it here!