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payment of commissions to

I am trying to transfer money to against commission invoice raised to me. While adding merchant payee details. I would like to have clarity on 2 points -

1. There's a coulumn of Merchant name- I am trying to add B.V but dots are not accepted there .

2. Which email id of Merchant ( should be used for payment notification.

Thanks/ Ritu


Kobina koomson 2 years ago

Hello , 

i have faced two situations concerning fraud from customers that booked through 
my first ever booking never showed up to the facility even when the room was reserved. 
second one who was supposed to come today had me go to the airport then requested money for a Covid test from me. He never showed up after and he’s not responding to any messages or calls. 
yet I’m being asked to pay commission for rooms which were never occupied in the first place.