I am unable to find payments by booking.com on my page.. I want to use this facility as I am getting so many fake bookings and cancellation.. In December month only 01 guest turned up out of 10 and I didnt get any payment for no show... How to make them pay for no show

BrookAve 1 year ago


I would advise instead:

  • Sign up for or setup 2 or more 3rd party methods
  • bank transfer, paypal, wise, square, izettle, sumup, etc
  • Insert into New Reservation template the options and process along with a time limit.
  • The time limit is key here ,to block scams/No Shows. min 24h for non Last Minute bookings.
  • Be Creative. By default your account should be on guest pays you.
  • But if you have VCC by BdC enabled you need to get that turned off.


Note without a prepay method, you cant get blood out of a stone, so matter what your cancel policy is, you get nothing, until you change to prepay.


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