Property location verification


My name is Alexia and I am a property manger at Pirate Palms. Our rooms are not yet bookable due to the location verification. Our location within the hills of Jamaica makes in difficult to receive mail. With this being said, we have not and will not receive a verification letter via mail. I spoke to the previous property manager who claimed she spoke with a customer service representative via live chat (or video) to verify our property. How can I do this as well? I would like our property to be live as soon as possible. We already accept bookings using our own website and airbnb or directly. Thank you! 

In other words I would like to set up a live chat or video call to show our property to verify its location.

Tatiana Zamora 1 year ago

If you have one solution tell me please, I can t  talk with somebody ,Just robots. Don't have s realy good solutions any Telefone number por parnerts problems.