Property shows unavailable for bookings

#help #urgency I’m not sure why few of my properties shows unavailable for bookings though rooms are available.

Please help at the earliest!

Sandrine Micallef
2 years ago

Hello Mark,

I am sorry to hear that your property is not bookable and without any details to answer your question, I can only guess what is going on. Those articles might help, please read them:

Changing your property status to open/bookable

Why isn't my property live and bookable?

A step-by-step visual guide for updating your availability

Also, make sure that you don't have restrictions blocking reservations.

Good luck with all this, hope this helped you

BrookAve 2 years ago


I and other will always reccommend you confirm and review the calendar availability in terms of overlapping restrictions and promotions.

As your account status such as finance and invoice issues are also a reason, we cant assist here with that.


If you want it reviewed quicker and root cause found quicker its better to just phone Partner Support.