Reservation cancellation

Guest booked yesterday for a 4 night visit starting today then realised they’d booked in error.  (They searched for a place in a 5 mile radius on the mainland and ended up booking our place on the Isle of Wight (13 miles over the water!)

I’m happy to refund their money however I would like to charge them £30 as we are out of pocket as we had to get a cleaner out on a Sunday at a premium rate last minute.

1.  How do I cancel today’s reservation

2.  How do I charge just guests £30 for cancellation 

3.  I assume booking.com won’t charge them or I anything?

Thank you 😊 

Karen Clark 




BrookAve 2 years ago


welcome Karen


  1. If you have them and in the message history agreeing to it, then just contact Partner  Support by phone.
  2. If they and only if they prepaid BdC not you, ask Partner Support to refund them minus 30, however BdC may not agree to this.
  3. note as that would be seen as receiving payment BdC may apply commission on the 30. I know that sucks.







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