What happens when a guest doesn't show?


I am very confused about a no-show of a guest.

What happens when a guest doesn't reply to any of your messages before arrival. And then he/she doesn't arrive at all? 

In such a case, (me host) I marked it after 24 hours as a no-show but I am still confused about the procedure that follows. It was a non-refundable booking. How will he/she pay the amount to me? Could somebody explain what follows in details, as I am a new host in Booking?


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Amanda - Commu… 1 year ago

Hi Enri, 

Happy to have you on board! 

You did the right thing in marking it as a no-show in the extranet. 

You are able to take payment according to your policies, and you can process the payment how you normally would, depending on how you do so at the property, if you have the guest's credit card details on file. 

When you mark the reservation as a no-show, the guest also gets an email letting them know that they may be liable for any charges according to the property policy. 

One more tip: when you receive a booking, if you are able to, I would suggest checking the guest payment method by doing an authorization, if possible. 

This way, you can then mark the card as invalid and ask the guest to update their details. If they do not comply within the given time frame, you will be able to release the booking and no longer hold the rooms for that guest. 

If you have any further questions you can also reach out to us via the inbox tab in the extranet. 

Hope this helps! 


Eris Borici 1 year ago

What happens when a guest doesn't show?


Jessica de Wolde 3 months ago

I have had this happen 2 times and despite booking.com telling me I would have access to the guests credit card if they do not show, they did not honour this. I am out over $30,000, plus I held those weeks for these guests :( Booking.com has been not help. They keep telling me to collect payment on my own, but the guests will not pay. I am considering suing. 

Peaceful Talke… 1 month ago


If booking doesn’t handle your payments from the guest then it doesn’t matter if you have a non refundable because if the guest doesn’t pay , your not getting money, period. 

Eris Borici 1 month ago

Yes, I know but the question is: How can the host be protected in this cases?