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What's wrong with Very difficult currect an Error.

Recently joined a Program called Risk-Free reservation. meant to comfort our guests in a busy season. 

Very bad experiences with it. but i want to discuss something here. let me share something first.

Got  2 of those reservations in Aug. 2021, first one was booked in June for Aug. 5th to 9th. total 4 nights. 

then guest canceled it before come, was a Risk-Free reservation so didn't worried cos was garanteed to replace guests for the  time being or paying by "". 

due to today Aug. 28th 2021, this reservation is still not paid. contacted customer service team several times and noticed that they have found a problem which we were unable to charge VCD. will send to finance team to deal with it. and 2 weeks passed still no payment. 

Second Risk-Free reservation was for 2 nights. then same thing guest  was canceled before come, this time did replace with other guests. and we did host for them. but problem was replaced guest came with 3 children. which on our policy that we are only able to host family with 2 children. and each children to stay has to pay extra cost. with those replaced guests, there were no extra charge. 

So after 2 of those risk-free reservations, then i quit the program. 

and been trying to contact to get paid for the first Risk-Free reservation.  

i hope not everyone gets that kind of trouble. it's waste of time on both parties. 


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The Pari Sudha 2 years ago

We also get the same issue. Seems is now trying overcharging properties 

Villamorametro 1 year ago

I am since January trying to resolve a commission which we know nothing about, The support team is useless, 

How they can ask for payment on a rental which dident exist shows their problems re clients support, plus they loose commission due to these errors, We now have other portal companies which are more efficient, booking is a massive company with not so efictive support for hosts