Where will I see the message that will be "posted" to me with my unique code for verification?

I received a message that a unique code will be "posted" to me within 14 days and my question is whether it will be in the inbox or on my computer as an email; as a SMS on my phone or what??

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Amanda - Commu… 1 year ago

Hi Jan,

Thanks for reaching out!

The code will come to you by physical mail or post. You can find out more here about what to look for and the next steps. 

I hope this helps!


Jan van Leeuwen 1 year ago

Thank you Amanda for answering me. At least I know now why I did not get the code the first time it was sent, because in South Africa the postal service is useless! I will never get it that way. Most use email, WhatsApp or SMS's to communicate here. Booking.com could not have known about the postal service here. I hope they get the message to use a different way to communicate the code with me, but ordinary mail, which we call snail mail, will not work! The fact that Booking.com said the code was sent on 13 January 2022, already proves what I am saying because nothing was delivered to so far and I doubt if it will ever be delivered. Where I live we do not have a postal delivery service. I don't even have a postal address. My email address serves as a postal address. With Booking.com the Inbox could serve as a way to communicate with me.