why my guest coming to my hotel and pay at my counter instead of booking.com collect the payment

my guest to check in, they said booking.com didn't collect the payment with them. They asked to pay at the counter. How come booking.com is not the one collecting the payment? 

Erin Aliaj
2 years ago

Hi Huei Yau Loo,

There are several models of payment an accommodation partner can participate with Booking. This depends on the policies and payment options you can offer.

If you don’t accept credit cards, the guest will pay on arrival or departure in your local currency. If you do accept credit cards, you can either charge the guest before arrival or at check-in/check-out, depending on the policy they booked under. The guest can decide at the time of booking to pay immediately or at check-in. 

You can also set up prepayment and damage deposits.

Make sure the amount is the same as the amount stated in the booking conditions.

Make sure your payment policies are up to date. You can check these in the Policies section of the Property tab on the Extranet.

Have  a great weekend!