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We’re looking toward the future with hope. As people around the world start to plan their next trips, you can turn to the Recovery Toolkit for insights and advice for attracting growing demand. This page is packed with research from tens of thousands of travelers, statistics from trusted partners like Google, and insights from our own booking and search data. We've identified three key traveler types, how you can attract them, and shared what we’re doing to support you and your teams. As we embark on this new year together, we promise to continue offering our support so your business can recover faster.


What’s on this page?


Current traveler priorities

Guests have different priorities than they did before. Catering to their needs can help you attract more demand and increase bookings.


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Key traveler types

Our data shows three clear traveler types are emerging as a result of the coronavirus. Learn how to attract them to your property.


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Property essentials

We’ve put together three guides to support you through the crisis and beyond, including how to set great prices and availability.


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Common needs for all travelers

Our new reality means that travelers have different priorities than they did before. While we’re seeing distinct traveler types emerge, our data also shows there are essential needs all guests have in common.

Flexibility is a must


Our data shows that 77% of travelers want the flexibility to modify their bookings, and nearly half said being able to cancel for free is a must. Our tools and discounts can help you cater to these needs. For example, the Flexible – 1 day policy makes it easy to give your existing policies more flexibility.

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Health and safety is key


70% of travelers said they’re more likely to book a property if it’s clear what health and hygiene policies are in place. This data holds up. On average, partners who implemented these measures have received 11% more bookings than those who didn’t. That’s why we’ve worked on new ways for you to display safety measures on your property page.

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Last minute and in advance


With so much uncertainty, it’s understandable why so many travelers are still booking last-minute and far in advance. To cater to this trend, you can load availability up to 16 months in advance and add”‘Last Minute” and “Early Booker” deals for the stay dates that meet your needs.

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Today’s key traveler types

Our research and data shows three common traveler types have emerged. Here’s how you can attract these travelers to your property.

The domestic adventurer

Due to travel restrictions and safety concerns, many people are opting to explore their home countries. In particular, we’re seeing domestic travelers seek out nature, beaches, and outdoor activities. Here’s what you should know about their preferences and how to attract them to your property.

What our research shows

Travelers are exploring more destinations closer to home. We’re seeing a preference for traveling by car and escaping to the outdoors, as well as a growing interest in secluded destinations that provide fresh air and relaxation away from the crowds. Watch the video to get all the details.


Search features to help travelers find properties like yours

We’ve improved the search experience to make it easier for customers to find properties closer to home. This includes highlighting properties based on what’s popular right now (such as “nature” and “beach”) and adding a “Near me” search feature to enable travelers to find local destinations.


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Social media to promote local travel

We’re regularly looking at ways to use social media to help travelers discover exciting destinations closer to home. Our #ExploreNextDoor campaign encourages travelers to share their recent travel photos from nearby areas to inspire potential guests to book in local destinations.


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The remote worker

We’re seeing a growing trend of people wanting to work from a different location. The possibility of combining work with exploring a new place or spending time with family and friends is a big draw for many professionals.

What our research shows

With many offices closed, people are looking to take longer trips that combine business and leisure. Last year, our research showed that one-third of travelers were considering booking a property so they could work from a different location away from home, and we expect this trend to continue. Watch the video to get all the details.


Attract remote workers by adding the right amenities

Questions to properties about amenities like WiFi tripled in the last year and continue to be very important. Make sure these and other remote-working essentials are displayed on your property page to help attract these guests.


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Secure stable revenue with weekly and monthly rates

Longer stays can help increase occupancy while reducing your workload. Set attractive weekly rates (7 nights or more) and monthly rates (28 nights or more) to appeal to the millions of potential guests currently searching for longer stays.


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The cross-border explorer

During the recent lockdowns, 65% of travelers reported feeling excited about traveling again, and 84% were planning to travel again in the near future – both domestically as well as internationally. Here are some insights into the travelers who are looking to cross borders again.

What our research shows

Of the 84% of travelers who plan to go on vacation in the coming months, a third plan to go abroad. We’re also seeing a growing focus on price and sustainable choices. Watch the video to get all the details.


Targeted deals and discounts

With 62% of travelers saying they’ll be more price-conscious when it comes to planning a trip—and 55% saying they’re more likely to search for promotions—setting up country rates or a Travel Offer can help increase your bookings.


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Sustainability handbook

More than 50% of people want to travel more sustainably, and over two-thirds expect our industry to make that an option. That’s why we supported the United Nations Environment Program in creating a handbook on applying coronavirus measures sustainably.


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Property essentials

We’ve put together some resources to help your business succeed during this period. Share these guides with to your colleagues using the “Share” button.

Pricing guide  

We updated our pricing advice to make it more transparent and personalized. You can now easily optimize your pricing strategies to attract more guests and reach your revenue goals.

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Health and safety guide  

We’ve created guidelines for keeping your property hygienic and clean – and how to do so sustainably. These tips can help you attract guests who are conscious of safety and sustainability.

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Availability guide  

We’re still seeing demand for both last-minute stays and trips far in advance. Make sure you’re prepared for both types of bookers by adding availability for short-term dates and up to 16 months in advance.

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