Choosing the right connectivity provider

We understand that you’re always looking for more efficient ways to run your property on multiple platforms. The right technology solution from a connectivity provider can help you streamline operations and focus on optimizing your guests’ experience.


We work with over 600 hospitality technology companies, but how do you know which is right for you? This page will show you what a connectivity provider can do for your property.


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Why work with a connectivity provider?

  • They get rooms on the right channels – providers ensure you’re connected to important channels and offer distribution solutions.
  • They help you streamline operations – specialized providers offer tools to manage and improve your business at scale.
  • They keep a finger on the pulse of demand – providers have an array of data from different vendors to help accommodations perform their best.
  • They know the guest journey is important – providers follow guest trends to learn how to distribute rooms and what technology is required.

Four types of providers

A variety of services are available from our connectivity providers, which you can choose based on your property’s needs.

Channel manager

A channel manager uses an API to automatically update your availability across multiple platforms.

Property management system (PMS)

A PMS offers more features than a channel manager all in one place to help you with the daily running of your property.

Property management company

If you don’t want to maintain a channel manager or PMS yourself, a property management company can do it for you.

Specialized software company

Specialized software helps you enhance a specific part of your operation, such as reputation/reviews management or photos management.

Choosing your provider

Choosing the right provider depends on your property’s individual needs. We can offer you advice to help you make a decision. We recommend working with a Premier provider. These providers have been selected for their investment in our partnership, excellence in value, and diverse product offerings.


Here are some important factors to consider when choosing which provider to work with:

  • Know what you need – do you want to save time by automating repetitive tasks or do you need a more efficient way to analyze your property’s performance? Perhaps you need something new, like an app to control your property from your phone.
  • Think of the future – your technology provider should be solving current problems, but also be able to grow with you.
  • Consider the price – there are usually two ways to pay a provider – per month or by transaction volume. Some providers offer a trial period, so you can try before you commit.
  • Make sure it works – a provider needs to be reliable, have a good connection quality, and not overload your IT team. Consider the days or weeks you’ll need to implement and get used to it, plus if you’ll need new software that may or may not be compatible with your current systems.
  • Read the reviews – rely on other users’ experiences to figure out which provider is right for you, including the performance, support, and languages available.

How it works

With a connectivity provider, you’ll be able to manage your properties without logging in to the Extranet.

Our Connectivity Portfolio of Solutions has three solution categories, starting with setting up the foundations, advancing performance improvements, and then moving on to solutions that improve how guests see you.

1. Foundational Solutions

As the starting point, we recommend all newly connected properties prioritize these fundamentals.

Choosing the right Connectivity provider

2. Performance Solutions

These solutions go a step further and allow connected properties to use more advanced solutions for revenue management.

Choosing the right Connectivity provider

3. Guest Experience Solutions

Implementing these solutions allows connected properties to enhance their interactions with guests.

guest and staff member entering a room while talking

Choose your provider on the Extranet

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