Improving performance through guest feedback


Guest reviews define how potential guests view your property and directly affect your performance on our platform. Research shows that reviews are the top criteria travelers use to narrow their search when choosing a place to stay.


They’re also a valuable resource for understanding what guests liked about their stay and providing insights on how to improve. Discover how you can increase your Guest Review Score by making the most of guest feedback.


Analyze guest reviews

Get the most out of guest feedback

From practical tips on how to improve rooms or units to service-oriented comments, guest feedback is a treasure trove of ideas for improving your business. But where do you start? We suggest the following:

The Guest reviews tab of the extranet for properties

Segment your guests

The filters on the Extranet’s “Guest Reviews” page allow you to focus on specific travel segments that review your property. These may be business travelers, couples, families, groups, solo travelers, or countries your guests are from. This gives you an overview of your most popular types of guests and lets you cater to their most in-demand needs.


Dive into the details

Get insight into the category ratings within your review score. These are scores on a number of things at your property, such as location, cleanliness, staff, comfort, facilities, value for money, and Wifi. They’re separate from your overall Guest Review Score and let you focus on specific areas where you can make small, yet effective improvements.

When to act on guest feedback

Reviewing guest feedback is an easy way to identify quick wins for your business. Don’t wait too long – the sooner you act, the sooner you’ll see positive changes.


We recommend scanning your guest reviews once a week to identify quick improvements you can make. Analyze them thoroughly once every quarter to find trends and make strategic, long-term changes that can feed into your Marketplace Foundations.


Don’t only respond to comments about how you could improve – we also encourage you to respond to positive reviews to show your guests that you appreciate their feedback.

partner welcoming guests

Work it into our other solutions

Once you begin identifying your property’s strengths and areas of improvement through guest reviews, use our other solutions to create a winning strategy. Together, they allow you to build a strong foundation to capture demand and stand out from competitors.

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