Pricing Toolkit

Put a winning pricing strategy into action

Have you chosen the right tools to achieve your occupancy and revenue goals? What are the variables you need to understand before setting a pricing plan in motion?


Explore our approach for setting your foundational Rate Plans, go deeper with our pricing solutions portfolio, and learn how our conversion programs help you attract valuable customers.


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Pricing Foundations

How should you begin setting rates? Our data analysis shows that a combination of two base rate plans—customized to target key traveler groups—delivers the most effective foundation for your pricing strategy.


Attract the widest variety of travelers with Fully Flexible and Non-Refundable base rate plans, combined with a range of customizations.


Pricing Foundations


Pricing Solutions Portfolio

Whether you want to meet long-term revenue goals or solve a short-term occupancy need, we created a portfolio of solutions to help you understand how to think about pricing and make informed decisions.


Explore proactive solutions like Genius, the Preferred Partner Program, and Targeted Rates to increase occupancy throughout the year. The portfolio will also help you understand when you should use reactive solutions like deals to boost performance and solve short-term needs.


Pricing Solutions Portfolio

Conversion Programs 

How can we make sure that travelers always find compelling, competitive, and transparent prices, and also enjoy the best possible booking experience? Our two conversion-enhancing programs, Partner Offer and Booking Sponsored Benefit, help achieve this.


Learn how these programs attract greater demand from price-sensitive travelers and what benefits they can bring to you and your business.


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