Sustainability solutions

Achieve higher visibility, save costs, and offer a more sustainable experience

73% of guests would be more likely to book an accommodation if it had sustainability practices in place. By making sustainable choices at your property, you can lower your environmental impact and boost your social impact, while attracting the growing number of guests looking for sustainable stays. 

Tell us the sustainability practices your property adopts in the Extranet and we’ll communicate it on your property page. Your property may even be recognized with a Travel Sustainable badge, which can set you apart from the competition. 



Make choices easier with a Travel Sustainable badge



83% of travelers we surveyed want to travel more sustainably, yet 41% indicate that they don’t know how to find sustainable travel options.


Be recognized with a Travel Sustainable badge to stand out in search results on our platform.


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Ensure travelers see your efforts


You’ll find a variety of accessible practices in the Extranet covering the five areas where you can make a difference. Select which practices you adopt, and they will be communicated on your property page to potential guests. Tell us which practices you don’t have in place yet, and we’ll use this information to support you better in the future.

reduce waste

Reduce waste

Offer recycling options and cut down on plastic and food leftovers to make a big impact



Reduce energy and greenhouse gases

Minimize your emissions with measures like switching to renewable energy



Protect nature

Respect local wildlife, or nurture the green spaces on your own property

Use less water

Simple efforts, like washing towels less often, save significant energy and water

Support the local community

Promote small businesses in your area, such as tour guides or restaurants 



Take small steps and make a big impact


  • Free, verified recognition

Your property’s sustainability practices are visible on your property page and those with a Travel Sustainable badge can be found through the search filter

  • Improve your impact and decrease costs

Adopting practices will help lower your environmental impact and boost social impact – while potentially reducing operational expenses 

  • Make a difference no matter your property size

The Travel Sustainable Handbook is here to guide you in any stage, no matter the type, size, or location of your property

protect nature

What our partners think

"Implementing sustainable measures has improved the business without any question. It's improved how we and our staff feel about working here, plus the number of returning guests is higher."  

The Botanic Apartments, Warrnambool


"You don't have to know everything about sustainability at the beginning because you learn and develop during your journey. You can't do everything at once, but you do discover new opportunities along the way."   

Stayokay Hostels, The Netherlands



How it works


  • Display the sustainable practices your property follows by telling us about them in the Extranet
  • Based on your property's location and practices, the program's eligibility criteria model will calculate an overall impact score
  • The program is developed and verified by independent industry bodies, such as international sustainable travel organization Travalyst
  • The program is also designed to support all types of properties—from apartments to hotels—every step of the way 


Find out more info about how the program works in this article.

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