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Child rates

Families are a large and lucrative guest segment on our platform. To stand out to them, you’ll need to set up policies and rates that appeal specifically to their needs, and also configure your rooms so they can find the perfect fit. Once you set up child rates, families can view all the important room details on your property page alongside transparent pricing. 

child rates

Transparent pricing for families when they search



When searching for accommodations on, travelers can specify the number and ages of the children they’re travelling with, and also see all the room details and occupancy-specific pricing on your property page.


Set up child rates

child rates

Appeal to families while earning additional revenue

Increase family bookings by up to 15%

Stand out in search results by creating attractive offers aimed directly at this large group. Setting competitive child rates can lead to an increase in family bookings of up to 15% on average.

Flexibility and control over your prices

By creating pricing rules for children based on up to three age ranges, you have complete flexibility to define rates and attract families of all sizes.

Greater transparency for your guests

When you set up child rates, the full price for an entire family is clearly displayed throughout the booking process, making it easier for them to choose an accommodation while preventing any unexpected charges at check-in.


Set up child rates in three easy steps


To make sure that families searching for accommodations find your property, you need to update your policies, rooms, and pricing. You can do so by logging in to the Extranet and following these steps:

  • Policies from the Extranet’s Property tab, select “Policies” and indicate “Yes” to allow children
  • Rooms – specify the number of adults and children who can stay in each room or unit
  • Pricing – indicate a price per night for each child for any age ranges you want to create

In addition to helping you stand out on our platform, these rates are available and promoted via connectivity providers. This is an excellent way for you to unlock incremental sales through a channel manager or property management system. 

It’s all designed to give you the flexibility you need to fit families into your property and fill up your calendar during times of both high and low demand.

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