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Country Rates

Increase bookings by targeting guests from specific regions

Global travel is on the rise, and more international guests means more opportunities for your property. Whether you want to tap into new markets, attract guests from specific countries, or secure more revenue, we’ve got the answer – country rates.

Country rates are targeted discounts that you can offer to guests from your markets of choice. They can help you fill available rooms—even during low season—since peak travel times vary across markets. Additionally, they allow you to tap into completely new markets. 

Country rates aren't available in certain countries due to legal or commercial restrictions.

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Not sure which countries to target?


You’ll find personalized country rate recommendations on the Extranet.


They’re based on data tailored to your property and can help you select the regions you could target to increase your revenue.

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What are the advantages of offering country rates?

Secure revenue by targeting international travellers

Guests traveling internationally tend to book earlier and cancel less.

Get more bookings with country-specific rates

Fill your available rooms by offering discounts during holiday periods and for events in specific markets.

Boost your visibility on our site

Offering competitive rates in high-demand countries gives your property a better ranking in our search results.

How are country rates set up?

  • Which guests do I target with country rates?

Country rates are only visible to guests using from an IP address that matches the country you’re targeting. They apply all year, but you can choose up to 30 days per calendar year when the discount doesn’t apply.

  • Need help deciding on what rates to offer?

We recommend a minimum discount of 10%, but you can adjust this based on your preference.

  • Do country rates apply to all my rooms and rate plans?

Yes, country rates apply to all your rooms and rate plans. The discount adds onto existing discounts from the Genius program (if you’re a Genius partner), as well as any other promotions you’ve set up. However, country rates don't apply to mobile rates or the Deal of the Day promotion.

Add country rates


*Country rates aren't available in certain countries due to legal or commercial restrictions.

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