Connect with high-value bookers who spend more and cancel less

Looking for new ways to sell more rooms or units? Offering rewards and benefits is a great way to fill your occupancy, especially during the quieter months. And to help you attract the right kind of bookers, we developed an exclusive loyalty program: Genius.

The Genius program connects you with our most loyal bookers. Genius guests tend to book further in advance, book more international trips, and spend more on both in-stay services and in terms of average daily rates. Genius guests are also less likely to cancel or provide invalid credit card details.

*If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can sign up to Genius using the Opportunities tab on the Extranet.


How your business benefits from Genius

Reach higher-value bookers 

Genius is built on different tiers, with each successive tier representing a higher level of booker to target with special discounts and value adds. 


Stand out and be seen even more 

Genius properties are highlighted with a special Genius logo in listings (both on the site and in the app), as well as a ranking boost and filters that move Genius properties to the top of search results.


Customise Genius to achieve your goals

You’re in complete control, including which member tiers you target with extra value. Track your return on investment in real time with the Genius report, and control when you offer Genius rates by blocking out up to 30 days.


Our internal data shows that Genius partners have seen a significant increase in bookings and revenue.

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Genius delivers measurable results 

It’s simple – when you join the Genius programme, the 10% Genius discount is automatically applied to your cheapest and best selling room or unit.


Once you’ve joined, you’ll unlock access to a Genius report, which provides a real-time overview and statistics to help track your return on investment. 


Check your Genius report



How does your business benefit from Genius?

Proven uplift in bookings and revenue

On average, partners who join Genius increase their bookings by 18% and their revenue by 17% (even after factoring in the cost of the discount).


More exposure to high-value guests

When you join the Genius program, your property will get a special Genius tag, a ranking boost, and more visibility in's search results.

Full control over your pricing and availability

You can track your return on investment in real-time via the Genius analytics dashboard, and block up to 30 days when you don't have to offer a Genius discount.

Choose your offers. Level up offers at your own pace


Target Genius customers with the standard 10% discount 

All Genius partners offer a mandatory 10% discount, which can lead to a significant uplift in business performance. The extra visibility boost you gain with Genius, combined with the extra value you deliver to this closed user group, can help you drive a higher number of conversions. 


Expand with customised discounts and value adds  

Want to further customise your offering? In addition to the standard 10% discount, you can provide additional incentives to appeal to higher-value Level 2 and 3 guests who have completed 5 or more stays in the past 2 years:

  • Discounts: An extra 5% discount on top of the basic 10% discount helps you target frequent bookers with 5 bookings or more
  • Value adds: Free breakfast helps you stand out from other properties. Our research shows that guests perceive the value of breakfast to be higher than the actual cost
  • Value adds: Free room or unit upgrades are a great way to sell rooms with extra amenities and grow your total revenue 


Exclusively target the highest-value guests

Genius Level 3 is a status reserved for our most valuable guests who have completed 15 or more stays within two years. On average, they cancel up to 19% less and spend up to 12% more compared to other guests. If you want to exclusively target these highest-value guests, you have the option to offer a total 20% Genius discount. In exchange, you get an extra ranking boost on top of the standard Genius ranking boost.


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