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Messaging Tools

Easily manage your communication with guests

Whether your guests need info about parking, driving directions, or check-in times, it’s important that they don’t have to wait around for an answer. How quickly you respond sets the tone for their stay and can have a significant impact on your review score as well as your cancellations.

To ensure your guests get timely replies—and to save time on your operational tasks—we developed several messaging tools. You can create automatic replies for your guests’ most common questions with customized templates to add your own personal touch. With scheduled templates, you can save time by automatically sending certain info at specific times, like a welcome message when a guest books. Furthermore, you can manage guest communications from anywhere thanks to our Pulse mobile app. We also created a reply score to help you monitor how often you’re replying to guests within 24 hours.

Lots of partners are already benefiting from messaging tools:

Over 30% of all responses from partners are automatic replies
Around half of all manual responses from partners are sent using personalised templates
Over 25% of messages initiated by partners are sent using scheduled templates
If you manage multiple properties, click "Set up messaging tools" above to go to your Group Connect Page, and use the "Bulk edit" option.
messaging tools

What messaging tools are available?

automatic replies

Automatic Replies

Automatically respond to frequently asked questions

Automatically reply to topics like check-in/-out, bed types, parking, and even more to come 

Attach a message template to send guests a personal and comprehensive reply


Message Templates

Send personalized messages to guests in just a few clicks

Create message templates in up to 43 languages 

Use placeholders to personalize templates with details like guest name, check-in time, and more

Attach images to clarify location, key pick-up info, and more.


Template Scheduler

Automatically share important info when guests need it most

Schedule messages for when guests book, as well as at specific points before they arrive or depart.


Reply score

Your reply score shows how quickly you reply to guests

Reply scores are updated daily and reflect the percentage of messages you reply to within 24 hours


Messaging with the Pulse App

Respond to guests when you're on the go with our mobile app

How does your business benefit from messaging tools?

Save time on repetitive tasks

Automating messages frees up time to focus on other daily tasks

Improve your guest experience

Partners with high reply scores tend to get better guest reviews

Reduce cancellations

Our data shows that the quicker guests receive replies, the less likely they are to cancel.


“Since implementing automated messaging from, our hotels managed to reduce their messaging workload and saw cancellation rates decrease. This is a win-win situation: We improved guest satisfaction with faster replies while saving ourselves time to maintain reservations for our hotels.”


Revenue Manager, Hotel Chain in Germany


How to get started 

No matter how many properties you run, get started by clicking "Set up messaging tools" below. 

To set up messaging tools for several properties at once, use the "Bulk edit" option on your Group Connect page.

Learn how to make the most of’s messaging tools


Watch our guide to all things messaging for an in-depth look at how to use tools to communicate better with your guests.


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