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Preferred Partner Program

Stand out as a top option for customers

Are you looking to reach a wider audience of travelers? Preferred Partner is an exclusive program that gives greater visibility and recognition to top-performing partners who deliver superior experiences for customers. 

Preferred Partners are easily spotted by travelers. They appear higher in search results thanks to a boost in page views and take advantage of the enhanced reputation that comes from displaying the “thumbs-up” seal of approval. This exclusive status can be very rewarding – Preferred Partners get up to 40% more bookings on average. 

Win the battle for customer attention



A boost in ranking provides Preferred Partners with

up to 65% more page views and

40% more bookings on average.



Perks of being a Preferred Partner

An exclusive opportunity that comes with premium benefits endorsement

Be recognized for the value, service, and memorable experiences you consistently offer with a thumbs-up icon on your listing.

Maximum visibility

Be seen across a wide range of search types with a significant ranking boost.

Stand out from the competition

Reserved for the top-performing properties in your destination.

High standards come with substantial rewards


  • Partners with exceptional performance and guest review scores are eligible to join. 
  • Only the top 30% of partners in a particular destination who meet all the requirements can be Preferred Partners at any given time. 
  • After joining the program, your high performance will remain important to maintain eligibility.
  • Check to see if you’re eligible in the Preferred Partner Program section of the Extranet.

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