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Get more bookings when you need them most

Promotions are an effective way of getting new bookings when you need them most. Whether you’re trying to sell rooms last minute, boost revenue during a slower period, or attract even more guests during peak season, promotions are proven to increase occupancy over specific periods.

There’s a wide range of promotions designed to attract guests on Promotions are easy to set up, can be activated and deactivated whenever you want, and are a great way of bringing in more revenue.

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How does your business benefit from promotions?

Get more bookings during specific seasons or events

Promotions are designed to make your business stand out during specific periods like Easter, Chinese Golden Week, or the New Year.

Secure more revenue in line with your business goals

Promotions can boost both advance and last-minute bookings, and also encourage guests to book longer stays.

Increased visibility with marketing promotions

Pre-made promotions get additional tags on our website to catch guests’ attention. We’ll also promote your property in global email campaigns and on affiliate websites.

How promotions work

Think strategically when offering promotions – release the right promotion at the right time. Here’s how to set one up:

  • View all the promotions you’re eligible for under the Extranet's Promotions tab.

  • Know your business needs, whether it’s an extra boost during a holiday season or refilling rooms after last-minute cancellations.

Choose from pre-made or customized promotions:

  • Pre-made promotions are created by and designed to help you make the most of specific events like Lunar New Year or Easter.
  • Customized promotions are available year-round and give you the flexibility to attract bookings that are in line with your business needs.

Track your results!

  • See how much a promotion has increased your revenue under the Extranet’s Promotions tab.

Add a promotion now

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