Boost bookings with campaigns, deals, and targeted rates

Whether you’re trying to sell rooms at the last minute, boost revenue during a quiet period, or target valuable bookers in high-growth markets, you’ll find a wide range of promotions designed to attract guests on our platform. They’re easy to set up, can be activated or deactivated whenever you want, and are a great way to bring in more revenue.

Join a campaign with built-in marketing support

Choosing the right promotions for you

Different types of promotions available, depending on what you’re looking to achieve



Mobile bookers and travelers from opportunity markets

Tap into the growing number of mobile bookers and travelers from specific markets.


On average, partners who offer targeted rates get up to 28% more bookings from their target audience. We currently offer three types of targeted rates: Mobile Rates, Country Rates, and US State Rates.





Adopt deals to boost your occupancy

Campaigns with built-in marketing support


Campaigns are ready-made promotions offered on our platform throughout the year.


They’re designed to maximize bookings during specific seasons or around special events and holidays. When you join one, like the Getaway Deal, you’ll be featured in global email campaigns and actively promoted on our marketing channels.


You can adopt these ready-made campaigns as they are or adjust the details to fit your needs.

Target mobile bookers and high-growth markets

Deals to increase bookings whenever needed


Deals are highly customizable and can be set up to capture specific market opportunities:

  • Early Booker Deal – encourages bookings from travelers planning far in advance
  • Last-Minute Deal – attracts last-minute bookers
  • Free Nights Deal – encourages longer stays
  • Secret Deal – rewards newsletter subscribers and those with a account, showing a badge and discount on your property page only visible to them
  • Basic Deal – customize your offer from scratch

Quick uplifts with Deep Deals


A higher discount available for a specific and limited time. They also come with extra benefits to bring attention to your property, such as a ranking boost or extensive promotions.

  • Limited-time Deal – valid for 48 hours on the days you want a search ranking boost
  • Flash Deal – a promotion that’s available every two weeks and gives you high visibility on our marketing channels for 36 hours 
  • Black Friday – one of our biggest annual sale events

Easy to join, adopt, and measure

  • Click “Promotions” on theExtranet to see which campaigns and deals are currently available for you
  • Join an existing campaign or adopt a deal where you can customize details like validity, policy, and room or unit type
  • You can measure how much extra revenue you earn from each separate promotion

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