Protected rates

The protected rate is a unique pricing solution that drives incremental growth without changing your public rates. It does this by targeting specially selected audiences who have a stronger commitment to booking and giving them closed access to deep discounts.


This special rate is an excellent way to enhance your pricing strategy. It can safely boost your bookings with guests who are less likely to be exposed to your property through other traditional channels.

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Protected rates
Protected rates bundles

Target unique audiences

A protected rate is effective because it’s only shared with specially curated audiences. We continuously seek out new relevant audiences that your property can benefit from sharing a protected rate with. These are two examples of audiences that would share your protected rate:

  • Closed user groups – limited audiences who are logged in on or on select affiliate platforms, such as customers who’ve booked a flight and see the discount in a post-booking environment
  • Customers booking package travel – where accommodations and flights are bundled and sold together by a third party, customers only see the combined total price, not the standalone discounted price of your property
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Protect your public prices

Your protected rate doesn’t interfere with your public pricing strategy because it’s never shown publicly on, price comparison sites, or meta search engines like Google. We regularly review which closed audiences your rate is shown to, ensuring that it’s consistently serving your business needs.



Make your protected rate work for you

Like with any pricing product, it’s important that you define how your protected rate is applied in order to support your business needs. You can select which rate plans this discount applies to and block up to 180 days a year when it won’t be offered. Your protected rate won’t be combined with any other pricing products, such as Genius discounts and other promotions.

Start tapping into specially selected audiences and drive your business growth.

Set up a protected rate

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