Our marketing value

Through a multitude of channels in more than 45 different languages and targeting audiences all over the world, Booking.com’s marketing activities provide unparalleled exposure and reach for our partners.




Marketing at Booking.com is a cross-discipline process, with more than 600 industry minds coming together to reach as many travelers as possible to introduce them to the amazing travel experiences you have to offer. Although our marketing is a huge operation overall, it’s really the sum of its many diverse parts – each complementing one another and being most effective when applied at scale.


At critical times each year, we launch advertising campaigns that engage guests through TV commercials, on channels like YouTube, Facebook, and across the internet using banner ads. Campaigns like Be A Booker—celebrating the people who stop just dreaming about travel and actually do it—are developed to capture the needs and wants of the target market and champion what our partners have to offer.


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One of the things we’re most well-known for is performance marketing – it attracts nearly half of all new guests to Booking.com. We're lucky to have a group of high-caliber experts—peppered with PhDs and specialist knowledge—with over 100 years of combined experience. Having such world-class talent and allowing them to focus intensely on their areas of specialization helps us stay on top of market trends and developments. Whether it’s Google’s ever-evolving technology or newly-emerging channels, we can help you stay ahead too.


Our multinational teams in Amsterdam, Cambridge, Manchester, Boston, and Shanghai manage paid search advertisements in more than 45 languages on channels including Google, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu. We use meta search to operate in a similar way with comparison search engines like Trivago and TripAdvisor. Meanwhile, our specialist SEO teams focus on driving organic traffic – and dedicating specific resources to this has allowed us to grow it significantly over time.


Marketing messaging raises awareness and drives bookings among a huge number of potential guests who are already engaged with the Booking.com platform. And with mobile bookings now exceeding desktop bookings, our app marketing team is dedicated to creating a similarly seamless journey for guests who make their reservations that way.


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Strategic partnerships and sponsorships extend the exposure opportunities for your properties to new and emerging markets. From our sponsorship deals with UEFA to partnerships with Spotify, Amazon Prime, and Samsung, aligning with brands that complement our partners and core audiences allows us to reach wider communities of potential guests who are the right fit for your property.


Connecting with customers in a relevant and emotional way is even more complex when your audience is located across different markets and cultures. That’s why we have specialists based in those markets. They’re strategically placed to use local insights to deliver our global message, guaranteeing the right opportunity is delivered to the right guest at the right time. This might be through a distinct regional partnership like we have with LATAM Airways, or it could be using social media campaigns that resonate particularly well with a certain audience.


Underpinning our channel executions and strategic partnerships, we use a wealth of advanced scientific and technical work to back up each and every one of our communications. Experimentation, testing, data, and research are as critical to our marketing excellence as they are to our technology. Data science and market insights give us a rich understanding of our guests, their needs, and the evolving industry. Algorithms and automation make our processes hugely efficient, while emerging innovations such as machine learning will help us iterate further and build with even greater immediacy and scale.


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Just as importantly, we evaluate all of our marketing efforts using sophisticated and rigorous metrics that help us ensure the success of everything we do. This performance-driven environment means we can make a real impact and help you reach vast new audiences – both international and domestic.


Whether they’re polishing search keywords to capture high-value customers or immersing themselves in market insights to help shape the future of guest engagement, our dedicated experts are an extension of your team. The results they generate let you entice new guests from all over the world without needing to do the legwork of creating complex campaigns or hiring large teams yourself. Our mission is to make it easier for everyone to experience the world, and our marketing channels connect our partners and guests to make that ambition a reality.



Our people value

Tech is the core of our business, but it’s our people who take our value to the next level. From thought leaders and best-in-class specialists to Customer Service agents and local support services, meet the people who help you grow and succeed with Booking.com.


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Our technology value

Our product teams collaborate with you to find solutions to your challenges, innovating groundbreaking machine learning. Discover the value that our investment in technological innovations can deliver for you and your guests.


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