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At its core, Booking.com is a technology business. Back in 1996, our founder set out with a simple plan: to use new technology to solve a problem. That approach remains a guiding principle in how we work today, leveraging technological innovations and talent to solve our partners’ problems.




Today, over 2,500 Booking.com tech employees work across a vast array of disciplines - from developers and designers, to product owners and data scientists. The size of the operation means complex innovations can happen at pace and scale, making an impact globally.


So, what does this all mean for you? Through a culture of experimentation and data-driven optimization, our technology teams put the fulfillment of your needs at the absolute forefront of their work. More than 25 product teams spend their days developing solutions designed to make your job easier – whether that’s by enhancing operational efficiencies, helping you grow revenue, or shaping guest experience.


Each and every one of these products is informed by partner insights or research and designed with your in mind: Connectivity solutions built to meet the needs of your distribution strategies, simple-to-use Pulse features that enable on-the-go property management, or the Extranet homepage that provides a simple overview of reservations, guest messages, reviews, and business performance.


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Our technology is also fueled by your input, seen clearly in the improved list view calendar that was a direct result of our unique beta program and feedback tools. Here, partners are empowered to provide qualitative feedback while testing products in a "real-life" environment, resulting in a collaborative process that really puts you in the driver's seat. To help you keep track of improvements and new features, all updates are logged on the Extranet, providing access to the latest developments.


With the global boom in alternative payment solutions and international travel, it’s increasingly important for you to be able to support numerous payment methods when you welcome new guests. We’ve developed the technical infrastructure to support payments in more than 80 markets – as a result, you can quickly and simply offer a wider range of payment methods without any of the operational hassle of implementing them yourself. We prioritize the security and regulatory measures required in each market to give you peace of mind when it comes to financial transactions. In fact, our commitment to using technology to protect you from fraud and cyber-security threats goes beyond just payments: we also have dedicated teams collaborating with the wider security industry to keep you safe.


Every year we are blown away by the incredible stories of hospitality shared in Booking Heroes, not to mention the many thousands of properties recognized in the Guest Review Awards – so using technology to help you continue delivering great guest experiences is very important to us. Guest Insights draw on rich data, research, and months of experimentation to provide invaluable information on your guest’s preferences and interests, empowering you to deliver more personalized stays. Messaging tools enable seamless communication between you and your guests, which can impact reviews and even reduce cancellations.




Continual platform optimizations—we run over 1,000 experiments a day—help ensure your guests have the information they need to make their booking decisions. We’ve also developed tools like Concierge to empower you to create local experiences after they check in. And as we look to the future of travel, new products that make the connected trip a reality – from flights and taxis to in-destination attractions – are being driven by the same technological powerhouse that has helped us support you to date.


Our Machine Learning Centers in Shanghai, China, and Tel Aviv, Israel (a destination often referred to as the new Silicon Valley) are driving trailblazing developments in the next frontier of travel tech. These cutting-edge labs are home to some of the brightest minds in the industry, each of whom contribute to innovations that will revolutionize our platform. From speech recognition and computer vision, to AI-led personalization, and automation, this is where the magic happens.


In the last two decades, we've made huge strides in our technological capabilities, expertise, and delivery – and the future of technology at Booking.com is set to be just as impactful. Each experiment and every insight informs the tools we create to help you grow your business, and we’re so proud of the talented specialized teams working on the platform to make this possible.



Our marketing value

With vast reach and incomparable scale, we’ve developed our multi-layered marketing operation to complement and amplify your property. Learn how techniques like performance marketing and sponsorship help you attract new guests and grow your business.


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Our people value

Tech is at the core of our business, but it’s our people who really take our value to the next level. From thought leaders and best-in-class specialists to Customer Service agents and local support services, who are the people helping you grow and succeed with Booking.com?


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