Updating your property page

Congratulations! You’ve finished registering with Booking.com! Here we will walk you through updating your property page to attract more guests.

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Property facilities

On the extranet, we offer a list of the most searched facilities by guests. You can add, change, or remove facilities depending on what’s available at your property.

Looking for a specific facility? If it is not available, we suggest either selecting a closely related one or simply adding the information in the ‘About your property’ section.

Property description

We use these facilities, location details and other items from your property information to auto generate a property description. This description will highlight what our data shows guests are most interested in seeing and will appear under your property photos.

We’re always working to optimise your property descriptions. Here’s why auto generated content is so effective at attracting potential guests:

  • Always up to date. Auto generating the property description means it’s always up to date and most relevant for what potential guests are searching for.  

  • Attention grabbing. Our data shows that guests don’t read the whole description. That’s why we succinctly state the facilities, landmarks and neighbourhood information that potential guests are most interested in.

  • Available in all supported languages.  We market your property around the world in up to 43 different languages. Being able to quickly and easily translate your description helps us guarantee guests are seeing the most accurate information.

We don’t change these auto generated descriptions unless there’s a factual discrepancy. If there’s something incorrect related to the property type, facilities or location information you’ve provided, please follow these instructions and we’ll get the information corrected.

Personalising your profile

We understand that your property is special to you, and we want you to be able to add your personal touch.

That’s why we have three sections on the property page where you can share the things that make you, your property and your neighborhood unique. You can edit these sections in your own words.

Please note if any personal information is included in these sections they will not be displayed. If you’ve already filled out one of these sections but it isn’t showing on your property page, please check the content and remove any personal information.  

Photographs are the number one way you can boost bookings and show how your property is different from the rest. Here are more tips on creating the perfect property page. To help you attract more guests, we’ve also developed the Property Page Score.  

Fine print

We also provide a Fine print section where you can pick from several standard phrases and add additional information to your profile.

Photos of your property

Our data shows you have 10 seconds to grab your potential guests’ attention – and the best way to do that is with photos.

Need some inspiration?

You’ll need to upload at least one photo of your property to sign up, but we recommend adding as many photos as possible. You can always add, change or delete the pictures later.  

Additional helpful articles on managing your photos

To increase your bookings and provide the best possible experience for both you and your guests, we’re often conducting tests on our website. That’s why you may sometimes see differences in how your photos, descriptions and other features are displayed.

Room information

Have questions about a specific room/unit? These links should help with anything room related:

Ownership information

Is your property changing ownership? Here are a few helpful articles for making any changes to your ownership information:

Sowing the seeds of success

Your feedback fuels our progress. Keep sharing your experiences with us – it helps us understand what you need as a partner.

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