Travel Sustainable: Preguntas frecuentes

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El programa Travel Sustainable es nuestra forma de lograr que sea más fácil para todas las personas tomar decisiones sostenibles a la hora de viajar. Este artículo responde a las preguntas más frecuentes sobre el programa.

Contenido del artículo:

  1. Unirse al programa
  2. Niveles del programa Travel Sustainable
  3. Verificación de las prácticas sostenibles


  • Initially, the Travel Sustainable levels were created to help educate and guide you on sustainability and the impact you can have. Now, the focus has shifted towards third-party certifications in terms of recognition of an accommodation's efforts towards operating more sustainably. Incoming regulations are helping to set the framework for sustainability standards, bringing more clarity regarding sustainability communication and making it easier for travellers to make more informed choices.

    We’re removing the Travel Sustainable name and levels to help highlight the significance of third-party certifications. This shift ensures consistency and clarity to help make it easier for travellers to make informed choices that are more sustainable.

  • will still showcase your practices to guests on your property pages. You can still manage these practices in the extranet or via your Connectivity provider, and we encourage you to keep updating your practices. You’ll remain in control of editing and managing the practices you share with us.

  • While the Travel Sustainable branding and levels will no longer be displayed, your practices will still be visible to guests on your property page. For partners with third-party certification, we’ll continue to display your certification with a clear label. Plus, travellers will have the option to filter for properties with a third-party certification.

  • Third-party certifications signify the highest standard of recognition of commitment to sustainability. These certifications enhance credibility and ensure confidence in the sustainability efforts of your property. Certifications help bring more clarity regarding sustainability communication and make it easier for travellers to make more informed choices.

  • remains committed to supporting you on your sustainability journey, making it easier for travellers to make more informed and sustainable choices. That’s why, in addition to showcasing your practices to guests on your property pages, we’re continuing to invest in education materials and tools, from resources on the Partner Hub to new online courses developed in partnership with UN Tourism.

  • Becoming third-party certified demonstrates your commitment to sustainability, boosts your credibility, and aligns with travellers’ growing preference for sustainable properties. Certifications will also ensure you follow sustainability practices that can help you conserve resources, such as energy, water and waste, helping you save on costs over time.

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