Hello everybody and thanks for this forum.

I post (sorry my english is not very good) because I am very angry with Booking.

I own an apartment in Montevideo.
In March 2020 I received a reservation for a few days in December 2020.
When I have a reservation the first thing I do is get in touch with the customer, via the site or via whatsapp, in order to be sure that the reservation is serious and to prepare the stay.
Except that since March 2020 I have sent dozens and dozens of messages to this client but he has never responded. For me this means that this client will not come. This is clear. I have been asking Booking for two months to cancel this reservation because it is blocking my calendar unnecessarily. But Booking doesn't want to hear anything !!!
I am really angry because Booking is making me lose the little opportunity I have at the moment of getting some money home. I am very angry with this dictatorial treatment of our reservations.
I, a private owner, have the right to cancel a reservation whenever I want and especially if I know that the customer will not come!
What to do to make Booking, cancel the reservation once and for all !!!


This is really not possible to continue like this

Thanks a lot everybody