Felkészülés a vendégek fogadására GYIK

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Készüljön fel vendégei fogadására azáltal, hogy választ talál a leggyakrabban feltett kérdésekre.

A cikk tartalma

  1. Elérhetőség és szabályzatok beállítása
  2. A szállásoldal frissítése
  3. Foglalások kezelése
  4. Személyes adatainak frissítése
  5. A fizetések rendezése


Setting up availability and policies

  • To attract potential guests, you first need to make sure your property is visible on our platform. Find out how to change your property’s status to open and bookable in the extranet.

  • You can have more control over your bookings by setting up restrictions for length of stay and how far in advance guests can book at your property. Here’s how to set up these restrictions.

  • Making sure your availability is up to date is essential for welcoming guests this summer. Update your rates and availability in the extranet calendar. 

  • Make sure you’re in control of how and when guests can cancel stays with you by setting up cancellation policies for your property.

Updating your property page

Managing reservations

  • You can review all your property’s reservations, plus extra details, in the extranet or Pulse app.

  • If a guest doesn’t show up for their booking and you choose to waive the fee, it's important to mark the reservation as a no-show within 48 hours of the original check-out date, so that you’re not charged commission.

Updating your personal information

Getting payments in order

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