Reservasi Bebas Risiko

Let us assume the risk of refilling your canceled room.

A traveler gets more value from the peace of mind that is free cancellation. In fact, many vacation planners will only look for rooms with free cancellation periods. 

How can you add to the value that guests get from free room cancellation options and make them sell more to the traveler, without worrying about cancellations? For partners registered with Payment by, the answer is Risk Free Reservations. 

With Risk Free Reservations, we add flexibility to our existing cancellation policies, so that you appear among competitors who offer free cancellations. If a guest orders then cancels, we will find a replacement guest or take over the payment obligation for the cancellation fee.

Cara kerja Reservasi Bebas Risiko dalam dua menit


Keuntungan Reservasi Bebas Risiko

Dorongan kinerja marketing

Increase conversions without paying more commission. Registered partners generally see an increase in conversions of 3% of page visitors to customers.

Jual lebih banyak room night

Join 720,000 partners participating in this program and sell 30% more room night.


We are looking for a replacement guest for your room that is open and can be booked without restrictions.

Cara kerjanya:

• If you are registered in Payment by, we will upgrade your policy with a free cancellation, or we will extend the free cancellation policy period (if it already exists). 

• If a guest cancels, we will immediately start looking for a replacement as long as the room is still open and can be ordered without restrictions.

• If we cannot find a replacement, we will take over the payment obligations from the cancellation fee.

• You can activate and deactivate Risk Free Reservations as needed from the extranet

Learn more about the Risk-Free Reservation program or register automatically by joining Payment by

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