Costi di riprotezione del cliente e contestazione delel fatture

A customer who booked required an invoice, which by law I cannot do, in order to get a refund to the customer customer service asked me to ask for cancellation so that he would not pay the penalty and asked me to send a list of b & b with similar price. The client chose another property and charged me 455.50 euros in costs. The dispute has so far been worthless, neither reporting the customer for misconduct, nor explaining why I with an individual VAT number and landlord could not be a resident in the structure and sign the invoices.

Obviously I have opened a dispute, various cases with extranet assistance and customer support that should have been turned over to the accounting and finance department to ask for the cancellation of the structure. I am a room and breakfast landlord and not a b & b and I do not have the possibility to direct clients to other structures (a question that they often ask me and that seems absurd to me). I have never even received the booking contract. This is not an overbooking so what I read here in the link "we refund the price differences". Customer service has built a chapel by charging a small landlord almost 500 euros in difference. Now I find myself having to pay a lawyer, to send legal pec and letter to the registered office of booking italia.