Good morning everyone! I ask you for advice and help since I can't find answers in the community. I received a 3-night booking from two adults which then in reality turned out to be a family with a child over 4 years old (in my structure up to 4 years old children do not pay). I immediately made myself available to the lady, asking her to contact me in case of problems and very lavishly the lady replied that she was fine without mentioning the child. The check-in is automated through a safety deposit box so I could not tell from the beginning the presence of the child until they left from afar.

So today the lady left a very bad review, without any comment and without specifying what were the possible problems. I kindly contacted her to find out what went wrong and received no response. I would like to know from you if it is appropriate to report her for non-compliance with the rules since the child would have had to pay her fare. Has this ever happened to you? how do you move in these situations?