Prenotazioni da zone rosse

Salve , vorrei sapere se la procedura per forza di causa maggiore  è attivabile solo da parte degli ospiti. Mi spiego meglio se io proprietario di un appartamento annullo una prenotazione perche' ho dubbio che provenga da zona rossa non ho nessuna agevolazione?  ho il mio appartamento in Liguria e ieri la regione liguria ha fatto un ordinanza di divieto a ogni struttura turistica anche appartamenti di ospitare persone provenienti da quelle aree.

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Ciao Alessandro Tanelli! Grazie per il tuo post. È una domanda davvero complicata. Come puoi vedere, la situazione del Coronavirus si sta evolvendo abbastanza rapidamente. Hai ancora prenotazioni presso la tua struttura?

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I want to tell you about a case I had yesterday in Expedia, that has the same policy as BdC.

I am in wales and I had an email from a french castomer who offered me that she'll cancel now because it is still in thre 2 weeks money back time, And she wants me to keep her privetly booked. S acctually not onlyy that we "Cheat" on Expedia, she can cancel any time and doesn't even think about me. I've looked this morning, after refusing, and she is still booked. I wonder if she contacted expedia and was told she can cancel nearer the time...Now that things are very different, I think the two weeks should be put back. People cant say in 2 weeks, just as they were going to come, that they didn't know. That was right in the begining, not now. I can understand there's issues with non refandble booking that was made long before this started but I think now, something like 2 weeks is a good thing to implement maybe including those who booked long ago, so we can readvertise the room. We are in bigger trouble then the guest because we wont have any money, this is our livelyhood. BdC and Expedia, should look again at this FC policy and see us as we are. small businesses without any income.If we collaps, our cleaners, cooks, or whatever staff we have will earn nothing. And it won't be any advantage to booking .com as well.