Tutela della proprietà dell'host e della sua integrità e rispettabilità e recensioni sugli ospiti

Good morning to all hosts! Has any of you happened to see your location transformed into a dating house? How did you solve the problem? How to predict and solve it in advance?

With other portals it is possible to accept or not bookings while it is not on booking but this can be a problem if there is no way to have reviews upstream. I will be explicit: I rent an entire and private facility within the family property where we and our children and grandchildren live. The property is immersed in the woods, far from the city, not accessible by public transport. It is suitable for families of 3/4/5 people and is rented per body. I received a reservation that left me perplexed and as a host in the area had a similar experience that turned out to be a very unpleasant situation (twice his property was transformed into a dating house for a week) , I checked the FB profile of the person who booked from me and unfortunately the track is dubious about it. Now, for no reason whatsoever I want my facility to be associated with a similar situation and I need to understand how to protect myself from a similar situation. I kindly ask you to give me useful advice on this matter as a matter of urgency!
Thank you!
Michela Veronesi