problemi con l'inserzione


in seguito alla registrazione sul vostro sito ho riscontrato problemi con l'inserzione. 

cliccando su ''crea inserzione''  e accedendo con le mie credenziali, si visualizza la schermata con scritto ''We got a 429 (Too Many Requests) status code for your request'' 

attendo un suo gentile riscontro nella risoluzione di questo problema.

cordiali saluti

Stefania Capriglione

Helena Norman 3 anni fa

Hello. I spoke with assistance. 

The guests who arrived today were under the use of drugs!

they claimed to have 5 star hotels but we officially have 2 bedrooms in the villa! 

We can ring for free but we do not intend to pay guests because they made a mistake by booking hotels and want to be compensated for their mistake. 

I would like to specify that about a month ago we made the request for help with booking assistance with this listing to change the property entered as an apartment in a room rental property! Assistance assured me that everything changed and we are in the rule!

In any case we have never been hotels as guests claim!

This morning we checked out with breakfast at 7 am in ***. You can ask them about the condition of the house and availability of the owner!

For any questions I am at your disposal.

Best regards