[JA] All you need to know about the BookingSuite App Store

更新 1 年 前

Discover hospitality solutions for you and your guests. Learn how BookingSuite’s App Store can help you run your business and deliver even better guest experiences.

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Note: The App Store is not yet available everywhere. See below for more information.


What is the BookingSuite App Store?

The BookingSuite App Store is a dedicated tab in your extranet that helps you find hospitality apps to suit your business needs. It offers technology solutions in the following categories:

  • Property website

  • Price optimisation

  • Upsell and promotions

  • Guest communication

  • Online reputation

  • Online check-in

  • Payments

  • Housekeeping services

  • In-stay guest services

  • Internal operations

  • Task management

  • Guest messaging

  • Guest reviews

What are the benefits of using the App Store?

All apps in the App Store include a free trial period, and if you choose to continue using an app, there are no fixed or long-term contracts. So it’s easy to opt out whenever you wish.

Setting up the apps couldn’t be quicker or simpler. All apps can be automatically synced with your Booking.com data, saving you lots of time and effort.

What’s more, we handpick and present you with the most relevant apps for your property type, size and location – making it easy for you to decide which apps suit your specific business needs.

Where can I find more information about the App Store?

To find out more about the App Store and the hospitality solutions it offers, just click on the ‘App Store’ tab in your extranet. There, you’ll see the various apps divided into specific categories and business needs. There’s also a Frequently asked questionssection to walk you through the whole process.


How do I cancel an app subscription?

You can cancel an app subscription in your ‘App Store’ tab. Just click on ‘Go to my apps’, then select ‘Cancel subscription’ from the ‘Options’ drop-down menu for the relevant app.



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