Vă prezentăm ghidul pentru un sezon estival mai reușit

Vă împărtășim informații bazate pe date despre comportamentul de căutare și rezervare al clienților pe platforma noastră și soluții pentru a vă ajuta să satisfaceți nevoile unice ale călătorilor. Descoperiți cum puteți profita de aceste informații pentru a atrage noua cerere.



Credit Control

HI! We received the e-mail and we mention that we contested these invoices because they are invoices issued retroactively for reservations that were canceled by the client. I made this appeal in October, without receiving any answer. Please review these debit notes as they are unjustified. Due to the general situation with SARS-CoV-2, we left free the option to cancel customers, because we face such situations at the last minute. We are waiting for an answer as soon as possible!

The Yuppi Hipp…

I have had the same issue with debit notes issued to us six months after a claim by BDC that some guests stayed with us and were not reported or were asked to cancel. Why was this not brought to our attention immediately is my question? Why have we been asked to pay six months later without giving us a chance to explain or provide evidence of our own?

its three months now no one is replying and the debit notes are still outstanding. We refuse to make payment for charges that are baseless and an attempt to bring in revenue we presume that they lost due to the pandemic.

Is this the way a company like BDC works? I am shocked and appalled at the treatment meted out to us, their "partners".