Kako da proverim da li gosti mogu da rezervišu moj objekat na Booking.com veb sajtu?

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It’s important to know when your property is available to book (we use the word ‘bookable’) and when it isn’t. In your extranet calendar, you can easily see when your property is bookable.

By using the following colour-coded system:

  • Green: Your room, apartment or other accommodation unit is available to book on that date.

  • Red: Your room, apartment or other accommodation unit is not available to book on that date. Guests will not be able to make a booking.

Sometimes your room or unit will show up as unbookable, even if you haven’t closed the date yourself. There are several possible reasons for this – and you’ll be able to see the reason in the red label, under the ‘Room status’ row in your calendar.

These are the reasons it might appear as unbookable:

  • Closed: You have closed your room by clicking on your calendar. To become bookable again, simply open the room by clicking the date again.

  • No inventory: You haven’t set availability yet or have reduced it to ‘0’. To become bookable again, add availability to your room or unit.

  • Sold out: The rooms or units you’re selling on Booking.com have all been booked for that date.

  • Price missing: You have not added a price to your rate plan(s). To become bookable again add at least one price to one rate plan attached to your room or unit.

  • Rate closed: Your rate plan(s) for that date are closed. To become bookable again, open at least one rate plan attached to your room or unit..

  • Multiple blockers: A combination of the reasons mentioned above. To become bookable again, check which reasons are blocking your availability and rectify them.

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